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Hypertext Timeline

February 10 W3C publishes quite a few recommendarions regarding the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Web Ontology Language (OWL), thereby further providing the base for the Semantic Web.
May  The Scientific American publishes an article by Tim Berner-Lee, James Hendler and Ora Lassila, by which a wider public audience takes notice of the Semantic Web project.
January 26 Having specified the Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) W3C publishes the recommendation of HTML redefined in XML.
December 24 W3C publishes the recommendation of the Hypertext Markup Language version 4.01 (HTML).
August 23 On occasion of the Open Source Conference, Udanax, the former XOC, Inc., release Xanadu to the public under the X license.
September  Tim Berners-Lee publishes his Semantic Web Road map.
February 10 W3C publishes the recommendation of the Extensible Markup Language (XML).
August 1 Ora Lassila und Ralph Swick deliver the first (internal) draft of model and syntax of the Resource Description Framework (RDF).
November  Version 2.0 of HTML as RFC 1866.
August 9 Netscape's IPO. Two weeks later Microsoft releases Windows 95. Part of it is the first Internet Explorer, which appears to Berners-Lee as put together in a hurry. .
October 1 Official start of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
May 25 [unti 27th] 1st WWW conference in Geneva
April  James Clark and Marc Andreessen found Mosaic Communications Corp. and rename it Netscape in November.
June  Tim Berners-Lee and Dan Connolly jointly publish a draft of HTML.
June  NCSA releases Mosaic 1.0 for X11.
[?]  Usenet newsgroup alt.hypertext created.
November 3 First draft of HTML
June 21 Robert Coover publishes his essay The End of Books. in the New York Times
March  RFC 1436: The Internet Gopher Protocol. , by Farhad Anklesaria and Mark McCahill.
December 15 During Hypertext '91 in San Antonio, TX, Berners-Lee and Cailliau give a Web demonstration (their paper had been rejected).
December 12 First WWW server outside CERN: the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC),
June  Farhad Anklesaria and Mark McCahill of the Universität of Minnesota publish Gopher as free software.
April  Brewster Kahle posts a note on his Wide Area Information Servers (WAIS) as freeware.
December 25 Christmas present: On Berners-Lee's and Cailliau's machines the World Wide Web editor/browser, developed by Bernes-Lee is working.
[?]  Michael Joyce publishes Afternoon., a hypermedia story.
March  Tim Berners-Lee at CERN presents his Information Management: A Proposal. .
November  First worldwide hypertext conference at Chapel Hill, North Carolina (300 participants, keynote delivered by Andries van Dam).
August  Apple introduces HyperCard — Hypertext for the rest of us ;-)
Summer  Office Workkstations Ltd. (OWL) from Edinburgh offer Guide, the first commercial hypertext tool.
October 15 ISO publishes the final version of SGML.
[?]  At the Institute for Research in Information and Scholarship. (IRIS) the hypertext system Intermedia is in the works.
[?]  Andries van Dam, William S. Shipp and Norman Meyrowitz found the Institute for Research in Information and Scholarship. (IRIS).
April  Ted Nelson publishes Literary Machines.
[?]  First working draft of SGML published
[?]  Beginning of SGML's standardization: the IBM team and the GCA people join forces.
May  Goldfarb publishes the Design Considerations for Integrated Text Processing Systems. as IBM Cambridge Scientific Center's Technical Report G320-094, originally written in 1971.
[?]  Charles Goldfarb names the language, which he Edward Mosher and Ray Lorie had developed, GML (Generalized Markup Language) to make sure the acronym will always show where the language came from.
October 15 Charles Goldfarb , Edward Mosher and Theodore Peterson present An Online System for Integrated Text Processing. at the 33rd annual meeting of the American Society for Information Science in Philadelphia.
March 17 Stan Rice publishes Editorial Text Structures. .
[?]  Charles Goldfarb , Edward Mosher und Raymond Lorie develop the Generalized Markup Language (GML) as part of an IBM project.
[?]  Andries van Dam and others develop the File Retrieval and Editing System (HES) at Brown Universit.y
Autumn  Douglas Engelbart demonstrates his oN Line System (NLS) during the Joint Computer Conference. in San Francisco.
[?]  Ted Nelson and Andries van Dam develop the Hypertext Editing System (HES) at Brown Universit.y
[?]  William Tunnicliffe , chairman of the Graphic Computer Association (GCA), during a meeting of the Canadian Government Printing Office suggests to separate the content and format of documents.
[?]  Ted Nelson coins the terms hypertext and hypermedia in his presentation A File Structure for the Complex, the Changing and the Indeterminate. , on the occasion of an ACM conference in Pittsburgh.
[?]  Douglas Engelbart invents the mouse. In this year he starts his work with the the Augmentation Research Center at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and develops a hypermedia system called oN-Line System (NLS).
[?]  Douglas Engelbart publishes his report Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework. .
Autumn  Ted Nelson starts work on Xanadu.
July  Vannevar Bush publishes his essay As We May Think. in the journal The Atlantic Monthly.